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Animation was awesome, no doubt about that. And, well, pretty much everything else too. So why am I giving it only 8 out of 10? Well I have a reeeally simple problem: I can't understand what's being said. Not all the time, mind you, but sometimes all I hear is indecipherable yelling. This was not an issue in MGA, though it may simply be because English ain't my native language. Thus, my question/request/suggestion whatever is equally simple: subtitles please? Probably with an on/off switch so people wouldn't find it a distraction?
Yeah, that will be all for now. Oh, and keep up the GREAT work :)


I just had to write a review cos' I just watched the film 300, so yay, it was funny, but just because I saw it today.
ps.: consoles suck, PCs own...


Well guess what, I just had the same thing not so long ago. Though I didn't get a shotgun blast in my face... She left me for some fuckass retard who hardly managed to pass primary, could never appear on dates, all he knew about a matrix was that it was a good film, etc.
So yeah, it's fuckin' true. Too sad. Ah well, you made your point.
Keep it up,
Darth Pejka

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I'm sure someone already said this, but you just gave the phrase "going after a fly with a bazooka" a whole new meaning. I hate insects. Thus I loved this. Up to the point where I actually received the Nuke... I mean what the hell was that?? I was waiting for it to go off and it just vanished - like any other thrown/dropped weapon. I'm sorry, but that's -1 off your top score :P (seriously, that was a big disappointment)


I generally suck at avoid-type games, thus I avoid them on a general basis (pun unintentional). But for some reason, probably the reviews of some people, I gave it a go, and didn't stop until I finished. Sure, it was hard at some points, I had to retry some levels a dozen times, but then the next level I finished on my first try. You just have to get used to the rocket slightly fidgeting around, and the fact that it has an area, and isn't just a point like in most avoidance games. The time limit was an interesting, and in this case, essential touch. In fact it gave me an adrenaline rush a couple of times, knowing that if I f*ck around too much I won't make it, but I can see how other people might find it annoying, even frustrating. So my advice: next game you make, add a choice of difficulty. In this case it should be the amount of fuel you have. I'm positive the lack of a difficulty setting dropped your score by about half a point.
Also, I personally like to know how much remains of a game, so perhaps a current level/total level display would be nice.
Overall a very solid game. Keep it up,

Someone needs to be harsh...

And I take it upon myself... I'm pretty sure noone here has heard about Nikon's Universcale? Yup. Just go to their site, about Nikon, feel Nikon, and there it is. The exact same principle, only that one doesn't go to such excessive lengths(?) as the size of quarks, which as of yet cannot be measured, and 1 attometre is merely the theoretical upper limit to it's size.
That aside... I in fact DID like the less-strict feel to this one, it gave something extra to zoom into, even if it's only hypothesis, and the comment on the H2O molecule was really on the spot. And I guess, this reached a wider audience, for that I applaud you. People really need to see these kinds of things :P
Now, I'm not implying you actually knew about a similar endeavour (i.e. stole the idea), but still, it's been done before. That would be the "why" for the low score. Sorry...

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sounds cool

Yeah, this is something that'd perfectly fit my mood sometimes :P
Loved the low bass, the drums, the breakdowns, and... well, pretty much everything ^_^
Keep up the good work,
Darth Pejka


now that was cool - no problems with it except for the length. if this wasn't just a loop, I'd definitely put it on my mp3. but, if you make it longer, add some more diversity to the bassline, 'cause it would become really annoying if it played constantly for, say, 3 minutes.
oh, and this definitely is d&b in my book :)
keep it up,
Darth Pejka


well what could I say? it was just... beautiful. and now I'm sad. the kind of music I'd listen to if someone close to me died or just left me...
I really can't say anything bad about this song - and I'm positive noone could. they could, actually, but that'd mean they're just senseless morons.
keep up the fantastic work,
Darth Pejka

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